Agile Coaching

Being part of the guide community of the Scrum Alliance as Certified Team Coach (CTC), I offer an holistic view on agile coaching. Agile coaching is not just about installing frameworks or giving answers to questions asked. These actions may help, though typically are not helping in achieving sustainable change in the organisation, in teams and the participating individuals. That implies that after the first thrill of implementing something new, changes are reverted and there will be a fall back to old habits and old culture (that actually has not changed). And that leads to a lot of frustration and loss of money invested.

I believe that partnering with my clients, on all levels, is a much better way to move forward. Of course we need to think about the value of a framework, and bringing in some expertise is helpful to get things moving. Nevertheless, agility, and within that the scrum framework, is a great way to reveal the real pains in the organisation. I know that nobody wants to hear that pain, though I believe that becoming aware of it is actually the first step into getting out of it as well.

There are many ways to get there. And even though I believe that partnering with you as a (professional) coach is the most effective way out, I bring in a broad set of techniques, so I offer mentoring, teaching, both in workshops or hands-on support (direct hire) as well.

Have you become curious? Feel free to contact me for a conversation about your needs (and how I may be able to help).