How can coaching help me?

You are siting on the couch after an intensive day at the office and you tell your partner or a close friend about the events of that day. Suddenly you see the solution to the problem you’ve been thinking about all day.

Sounds familiar? This is precisely a circumstance that also allows a professional coach to arise. The coach pays attention to the process and helps to generate insights in the coachee. Confusingly, “coach” is often used as an all-encompassing term, where it’s all about the technique of getting the best out of someone. An agile coach is also much more than a coach: an agile coach shares expertise, advises, trains, guides and coaches. On this site we mean by coaching the pure form of coaching.

Because a coach knows all facets of effective coaching, the coachee can discuss any subject. This form is called life coaching. The experiences I have gained as a person make it easier for me to understand that as a coach and to translate this into the right questions. That is why I can coach everyone, but I can do that more effectively in my areas of expertise. That is why I also present myself with my expertise.

Then the question remains: am I the right coach for you? I cannot answer this question for you, because you will only discover that by talking to me. That’s why I don’t offer extensive coaching packages, because one person needs a single conversation, the next finds out after a few conversations that we don’t fit well together and the third has a whole series of issues to discuss. Because of my open offer, we can get the best out of our conversations together.

Finally, here are some situations where I think I could be the right coach for you:

  • You are a team member of a team that is part of an “agile” transformation and you need to spar with an outsider about your place in that team and the interaction with your team members and the people around the team.
  • You are a manager within an organization where an “agile” transformation is taking place and you are looking for your role within that organization. You need to spar with an independent person about the possibilities.
  • You don’t feel completely happy in your workplace and you wonder what you can do to change that.
  • You notice that it is difficult to find a good work-life balance and you wonder what you can do to change that.

Not sure if I can help you with your situation? Contact me and we’ll dicover togehter what we can do to change that.